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Client Testimonials

" I really enjoy being around you Rhonda  - you are a very bright person and have that special ability to relate to someone on my level without offending them or going over their head.  You are as good as I have ever seen at that.”  - 12/12/13

“I appreciate the time, effort and patience from each of you.  It is so personalized and it makes me very proud to be a business partner.  Me and my family could not be in better hands.  The planning ahead is very useful for me and helps me set goals and projections.  I look forward to many great years with L&G!” – 8/28/14

“You are such a joy!  Prayers are answered.  My family is grateful for our blessings and you are truly our Angel!  I look forward to many great and prosperous years.  You have a great team.  Love you
– David & family

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts in guiding us successful in this matter.  It would not have ben possible without you and I am grateful to you.  I so enjoy working with you guys.”
David Hewitt -Sunbelt Timber

“Gary is so smart; he has the eye of an eagle . . . he could find anything!”

“Rhonda, I don’t just consider you my business associate, I consider you my friend.  Business and personally, I don’t think we’d be where we are today without L&G.”
- Kumar Ramaiya, Hamlin Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal, Inc. – 1/8/14

“I was sold on Rhonda within the first five minutes of meeting her.” - Bobby Aiken – 11/14/13

“Gary, Laura and I wanted to thank you again for accepting us as a new client and your assistance with our tax planning.” - Steve and Laura Heyward

“Rhonda, I appreciate you and everyone at L&G.  I think we make a GREAT team.”
- Joy Phillips, Georgia Mechanical, Inc.

“I’ve been able to sleep at night since I turned everything over to you.”
Dorothy Parker, Friend & colleague of Stacy Holmes, Holmes II Excavation

“I know I’m a very small fish in your greatly enlarged pond and I appreciate you for taking good care of me as always!” - Ken Blevins

“L&G is awesome!  If I worked with CPA firms like them all the time, my job would be much easier”
Carol Clark, United Community Bank – 2/6/12

“I am still shaking my head in disbelieve at the complexity of the tax consequences and the knowledge that L&G has in figuring out strategies to minimize tax exposure while at the same time finding ways to make such situations advantageous.  There is no way we can truly express our heartfelt appreciation to you, Jeff, Joe, Nathan and the rest of the L&G team.  Thank you.” - Sara Waldron, SECO

“I want you to know how much we appreciate how much L&G has always looked out for our well being.  Thank you again for all you do.” - Sara Waldron, SECO – 10/2014

“Sara and I, SECO, and in fact I imagine the majority of L&G clients recognize the exceptional professional and personal service that is extended to each and every one of us as appreciative clients.”
- Dick Waldron, SECO Architectural Systems, Inc.

“We have a very long-standing relationship with Large & Gilbert, P.C. L&G has taken the time to truly understand our business.  Their advice and consultation services have become invaluable.  Their professionalism and integrity along with their thorough understanding of the construction industry truly sets them apart from other accounting firms.

The fact is, we think of L&G as a business partner.  As such, we work very closely with them on all of our financial matters.  We continually look to L&G for sound, experienced financial advice and/or guidance and we always get it.  Not only do we get it, but we get it in a timely, proactive matter.  L&G can foresee a potential problem and steer us away from trouble long before we as contractors would even know we had a problem to deal with.

We, as owners of our business, sleep a lot better at night with the knowledge that L&G is looking out for us, our money and our interest!” - Joe Creighton, Vice-President, SECO Architectural Systems, Inc.

“Large & Gilbert has been my accounting firm and financial advisor for over fifteen years.  During this time, Large & Gilbert has always gone the extra mile to assist me with the growth and changes in my business.  No matter what I need, or how fast I need it, they respond quickly and professionally.  I am your biggest fan.”
- Ronny Jones, RDJE, Inc.

“You are, All incredible individuals to work with. Thank you so much for your professionalism as a team to achieve this task. - Louis Skinner, Skinner Development, Inc.

“Through many changes, L&G has always been there for us.  We incorporated in 1979.  Bonding, a profit sharing plan and a computerized accounting system followed.  In 1997, came cancer, estate planning, wills to be updated and a buy sell to be implemented. Rhonda has taken care of everything.  Her predictions have been accurate and we have never had a problem with any government agency.  She has always kept me straight and given sound advice – sometimes with me kicking and screaming all the way. ”
- Butch Gorman, Gorman & Gorman Electric Co.

“L&G has been a terrific find for both my wife and I.  They have helped us plan for a comfortable retirement, and assisted us with preserving some of our most valued assets.  They are also top-notch in working on ways that we can legally reduce our taxes and we are thoroughly happy with the way they stay on top of our tax deadlines as well.  We have stopped losing sleep worrying about our estate planning.  I am so glad a dear friend of mine referred me to L&G and would recommend this firm to any of my colleagues in the medical profession.” - Dr. Russell A. Wilson, MD, Fayetteville, Georgia

“Rhonda Gilbert and the staff of L&G are a huge reason for the success we have enjoyed at R.K. Redding Construction, Inc. Their friendship and support over the years has been consistent and humbling.  We consider Rhonda and L&G part of the RKR family.  Whatever we accomplish, we accomplish together!”
- Randall K. Redding, President, R.K. Redding Construction, Inc.

“Thank you Rhonda.  You are a blessing to me and all of my family.” - Dr. Ricky Poe

“Thank you for the wonderful information and access to your excellent accountants (L&G).  You are definitely in good hands.” - Andrew Kamm, Certus Bank, N.A. – 10/2014

“Thanks for hosting another very informative seminar.  You always put on a class event, which is very educational.  I know my colleagues will all agree, you guys go beyond the call of duty to support the construction industry as well as our surety industry.  Your efforts and your friendship are much appreciated.”
- Jerry Lovings, CAN Surety – 10/9/12

“All of us in the industry are so blessed to have such a great firm to work with.  Everyone really appreciates your work and it makes our job much easier.  Thanks again.” - Joel Mann, CAN Surety – 11/29/11

“Large &  Gilbert has been unbelievable during the process (after father’s passing).  Those people are amazing”. - David Haas

“Thanks for another great [Surety] seminar.  I actually thought it was the best one you have presented to date.  Very Informative!” - Paul M. Moore, Jr., Chubb Surety – 10/17/14


Positive Comments to Staff

Alesha Tyler – Loved working with her . . . “a real prize”. – Harold Smith, Precision Stone – 6/3/14

Alesha Tyler
– They “love working with Alesha.  She just comes out and fixes everything, and we are lucky to have her working for us”. – Tina Gunter, J.L. Murray & Associates – 11/11/10

Alesha Tyler
– Alesha did a great job getting them back up and running on CS200 and closing their year for them. – Charlie Eason, Buckhead Electric – 11/12/11

Alesha Tyler
– “You guys have been the missing puzzle piece.  I know you guys are professional s and doing what professionals do – the best job for their client.  I want you to know I appreciate what you do and I think you for taking the time you do to explain things to me.  Today would not have happened if not for you guys.  Thank you very much!!!!” – Don Clerici, BM&K – 2/20/14

Kelley Newberry
– “Kelley is an excellent CPA and always produces the highest quality work in a timely fashion.” – Stephen Palmer – 4/11/24

Gary Fortier/Bobby Lauman
– “I just want to say again how much we appreciate your advice and expertise on helping us get things set up correctly.  It has been incredibly insightful and helpful.  I know we are heading in the right direction working with you and Gary!” – Eve Thomas, GAC – 3/14/14