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  Mandatory Filing for Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts
  Georgia Secretary of State Website Concerns
  IRS Telephone Scams Increasings
  Protecting Your Business Against Employment- Related Risks
  Veterinarian Payments Reporting
  Delay of Large Employer Penalties Under Obamacare
  Be Careful Not to Use Retirement Money for Improper Purposes
  Disqualified IRA's
  Data Processing Services
  IRS Let's E-mails Remain Private -Except Sometimes
  IRS Electronic Communications Policy
  Tax Court Ruling on Employee
  Fiscal Cliff Averted



Our newsletter and email blasts are designed to enlighten our clients on the major opportunities and hazards that abound with running a business in an ever-changing environment. As we learn of new directions being mapped in Congress, we inform our clients about how pending developments could affect them.

One day it might be the FDIC rules that can either help protect or delude an investor into thinking their money is protected. Another day it might be an IRS audit strategic development that attacks certain kinds of losses. Or maybe it's about both the advantages and pitfalls of rebuilding in a post-hurricane zone. And then of course there is the ever-present estate and gift tax law, which presents unique challenges with planning the succession of a business.

We do our best to make our clients promptly aware of the regulatory mandates that are out there, the penalties for non-compliance, and the ways to minimize risk while exploiting available tax and financial benefits. And we try to communicate that in plain English without confusing technical jargon.